Sunday, November 3, 2013

Currently November and a leaf project

Every month I say how I cannot believe it is the next month.  But taking down the halloween decorations in my house, time truly flies by.

Listening: I love "The Voice" and watching all of the stories and talent that is in the package is truly inspiring.

Loving: My students did a great job on their leaf projects (more to come on that after).  But it was cool to see them excited about a project.

Thinking: Having the extra hour today was so therapeutic in my sleeping hours/day ratio as well as getting work done.  However it is already getting dark and it's 3:30 pm

Wanting: I am getting married in 7 months and some change. So I am looking for some more time in the gym but man I cannot get up earlier than 5:00 am and by the end of the day I am so exhausted.  Someone help!

Needing: It is amazing that even though my team sends home emails daily as to the news and updates of the day.  I have yet to receive tissues, clorox wipes, and I want to add expo markers.  I cannot afford to be buying these things.  Any advise?

A yummy pin:

Now onto the leaf projects.  The students selected a leaf from their backyard.  Placed it in the middle of a coordinate plane the students made.  Then the students plotted 20+ coordinates around the leaf.  Here is one final project.

The rest of them are hanging in the hallway I will link another photo because they all came out so great!  This was also a great way to spend some class time before the craziness of Halloween and I got some common core standards in there.

What are your go to activities for students when they are too hyper to concentrate?