Sunday, October 27, 2013

This is Halloween!

I love this time of year.  It certainly has been a busy few weeks.  In class we have been busy learning about integers and the coordinate plane.

1) One of the first things I did was create a numberline on my floor from -10 to 10 and had various students stand on the numbers I asked questions like:
                      ~ (Name) is standing on -4 how far away from 0 is that?
                      ~ (Name) is standing on -5 (Name) is standing on 6 which is bigger
2) I then had the students graph and plot on a worksheet given in their math program

3) Then we played a game:
This is where I got the idea: Integer War

The game was called Integer War. The black cards were negative numbers, the red cards were positive numbers and then they had to compare them.  This was played like normal war where the person who ends up with the whole deck at the end wins.  My students loved this!  Recording sheet to follow:

You can download the recording sheet free from my Teacherspayteachers account:
After a few days of this we moved into the coordinate plane.
Open letter to fifth grade teachers: thank you for doing a great job on teaching this because I did not have to spend too much time reteaching.  I created a project (final going to be posted by the end of the week).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Currently October

Linking up again with Farley for currently October.  Another update on my life in 6th grade.

So I figured being my first year I am working with a math coach. She observed my brilliant idea which was millionaire review for a test I need to give this week. Well one thing I need work on is differentiation. She had lots of good things to say but things I need to change immediately:

1) the amount if time I talk. I am losing half the class if I go on. 
2) mad minutes are no more even though I see pros and cons, the students who are good will continue to be god and those who don't I'm going to take for intervention. 
3) I'm going to try centers two times a week. 
4) More peer interaction. 
5) More of me modeling behavior. My student love to talk. A lot. So a suggestion was to model a lot. 
6) become stricter with whiteboard use- no I drawing or writing when someone is presenting also nothing written that stays. 

So I have work to do but I am always learning. Here's to success!

Any helpful hints?