Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Day Activities

The first few weeks have seriously flown by.  I have five classes Purple, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow of 6th grade math everyday for 45 minutes each.  Let me tell you how hard it is to get ANYTHING done in 45 minutes.  Started doing some center activities, will share some of those. 

On the first day I was inspired by 7th Grade Math teacher Extraordinaire and took her prompts as they were right to my classroom.

Math is important because...

What will Miss Kay need to do to help you this year?

My goal for math this year is...

Our classroom should be ___ everyday
This activity was really eye-opening in a moment I knew where my class was before I taught anything.  My favorite response to "What will Miss Kay do to help you in math this year" was "Teach math" from one of my lovely students to which I had to laugh and respond that the school hired me to do that.  Another majority vote was Our classroom should be ___ every day was fun and clean. 
This week we start NWEA.  I have to prep them for this test and HOW to take the test. 
These stickies were bought from a friend who worked at walgreens and at the time they were a deep discount at a whooping 15 cents a pack. 
You are also probably wondering what that 6 is on my board.  We played a number game where I posted the numbers 1-12 around the room.  I asked questions such as:
What month of the year were you born?
How old are you?
On a scale of 1-12 1 being you hate it and 12 being I love it and somewhere in the middle, how much do you like math?
That one sparked some conversation.
How many pets do you have (one student needed more than 12)
How many family members do you have?
What are some of your favorite first day activity.


  1. I am your first follower but I could not find your Bloglovin button. I read your comment on Middle School Math Rules and how you co-teach and so do I. So I had to come check you out.


    1. Yea! My first follower =) thank you for stopping by. I just added my blog to bloglovin. I am still fairly new at marketing myself.

      I am always up for some great ideas hope to collaborate soon.
      Miss Kay