Monday, August 5, 2013

Currently August - 15 days left

I am linking up with Farley for her August Currently better late than never I always say =)

It seems like yesterday it was June and I was working on planning the summer camp, which seemed like worlds away.  Now the camp is over and we are 15 days away from the beginning teacher workshops, but the official end of summer "vacation".  I put it in quotes because although I got TONS done this summer as far as my personal life, I do not feel like I had a vacation.  However, I digress.

Listening - I listen to the radio constantly, and when I first heard this song it was a cover on youtube done by 5 people on one guitar, quite the feat.  If it were not for music I do not know what I would do with myself. I enjoyed this song, it is not so overplayed anymore.

Loving - my fiance (I still like saying that) and I are going away for 5 whole days which is the longest we have been away since we starting dating (shocker!).  I am excited to just get away and relax before wedding plans, school and just life will start to get in the way. Also, today was the perfect day.  There is nothing else on that, I wish it will be that way everyday on my vacation, but we all know that is wishful thinking.

Thinking - I am excited because despite the norm, I still live at home and only see my husband to be once a week, if I am lucky twice a week.  It has been that way for 7 years through our dating.  We took mini vacations, a weekend here and there but nothing extensive.  So without gushing too much I am so grateful to have some time.  Also, have to pack and find some cute clothing for 5 days!

Wanting - Those of you who have been following this blog know the situation I walked into last year, moving schools and spending critical time just clearing through everything left.  This year I have to bring all the supplies that were used for the camp back to my school (which is a lot, any volunteers.... hello...?) So, I would love to just come back and my room be set up exactly how I envision it.  (Wishful thinking)

Needing - The waiting every year to see if I get a job is not fun.  This year is no different, as a Title One teacher I am federally funded, which means I still am waiting to hear yes or no on budget.  Very frustrating, but I love this job.  This just makes me very anxious.

Back to School Must Haves - 1) Binders - I am going to be using the idea of Youngteacherlove - Data Binder to an extent.  Even though I have to test to the common core, I am going to use a slightly different graph, but same idea as to organization.

2) New lunch box - my old one is just too small.  Since I am trying to eat better I figure if I pack for after school when I get my hungriest I can get away from snacking when I get home.  But I need a bigger one.

3) More great apps - I am fortunate in my job to have a class set of 20 Ipads and I have shared some of those apps.  I need to load some more for the start of this school year.  However, I recently received a district assigned Ipad and downloaded Teacherkit which acts as a gradebook, attendance, and behavior manager.  This is a great tool I can carry with me and make notes on.  Cannot wait to set up my class! Oh, did I forget to mention, it is free? Teacher Kit App Enjoy!

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