Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crazy week

So this past week has been interesting. I am glad I did not start planning because on Tuesday I got offered a full time teaching position. 6th grade math! I am still in my district. It has been a whirl wind. I am the special education class so lots of IEPS to look over. Look out for pictures, lesson ideas, shared items, etc. The students came Friday. Yes I was hired Tuesday and the students came Friday. 
As I wrap my head around what I am doing this week it was great to see some familiar faces from my work around the district. 
For now I will leave you with what I walked into Wednesday. 
Pretty much an empty room. It's come a long way since hopefully more to share soon!  
I hope this blog will be a place I can look back and get my best ideas and worst ideas. 
Miss Kay

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