Sunday, July 28, 2013

Keene Conference, iPads, and updates oh my

I cannot believe we are less than a month away from me setting up my room.  Be prepared for room updates I am thinking of setting up differently this year, because we do the same thing all the time? Gets boring! So more on that later in August. 

This past week I went to a teacher conference at Keene State University which was filled with some old and new colleagues. It was like worlds were colliding when a former employer comes up to you with your new employer. 

Day 1 was more of a lecture day, where there were several breakout sessions and you pick one to go to and learn.  The first one I went to was about teaching math in a Digital world. The presenter was awesome, I guess my hopes were to get some other great apps especially for assessment I can use in my classroom, but he was just plugging his product.  We might buy it, but I would have to do some research to see if it was best.  The app is called Dreambox which is a digital world where students are in charge of their own learning, the program is heavily differentiated and keeps data, a lot of data on each student.  However it is not cheap (nor should it be) but we might pilot it.

The next session I went to talked about student centered learning.  This was interesting and packed!  One of the examples was one day the presenter put a number on the board, the number was how much the district paid on electricity.   So the students had to research and develop ways to run the school in a more cost effective way.  Then it was our turn to confront a problem and develop solutions. 

The last session was about the website:
Yes it is still in beta, but I predict it being a useful resource, imagine using Minecraft, yes Minecraft in your classroom
And the students are engaged, learning, and interested.  I foresee this as being great social studies or science 

Day 2 was sitting in our school groups, coming up with a problem, creating solutions, and then a prototype 
for the solution. My school did well, we talked about RTI and how it needs to be consistent and organized grade
level per grade level.  Time flew by.

Lastly I got a district assigned iPad so beware :) 

Countdown 26 days until teachers summer is over.  I am excited!
Also, last week of camp this week! I cannot believe it is here, but last week updates to come!

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