Thursday, July 18, 2013

Camp: Week 2

This was the hottest week EVER, in the hottest rooms of the entire school.  One of our lovely teachers had a spray bottle attached to a fan, it was our saving grace.  It was hotter in the building than it was outside.  We spent a lot of time in the shade in the mornings.  Also luckily we were welcomed into a couple kindergarten classrooms which had air conditioning after 12:30.  Other than the heat, we had fun.

This week's theme was: Number and Operations - Fractions paired with Operations and Algebraic thinking.

Activities this week:

Fruit Kabob
  Materials - pieces of fruit: grapes, strawberries, oranges, and red and green apples, and wooden skewers.
  Directions - The students were told to make two: one patterned and one for fractional.  The students then had to tell someone what their pattern was using letters A,B, A, B... and then describe their fractions.

Materials: Sidewalk chalk and a pair of dice
Directions: One student rolls the dice, the other uses the two numbers to create an array.  The partner then uses multiplication or repeated addition to solve.  Partner checks answer and then they switch roles.  We loved this game in the shade!
Materials: Hershey's bar, granola bar, marshmallow
Directions: Student use smores to say a fraction. 

The student have been having a blast with using codes to break messages.

PICTURES from last time:
First step of water balloon multiplication.

Math twister
Next week: Getting a district assigned Ipad! Attending a conference in Keene to get some ideas on how to assess, use ipad for classroom.  Any of you already have any tips?

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