Friday, July 12, 2013

Camp week 1

So students actually showed up for camp!!😀 A bunch of my students showed up which is great to see that my efforts did not go ignored. We are in the hottest rooms of the school but it was fine!  Pictures to come!!

This weeks theme was Numbers and Operations in Base Ten. I was working with second grade this week. We did a lot of work with the ten frame. We made teen numbers, adding and subtracting two digit numbers. 

Activities this week:
   Materials - 10 bowling pins numbers 1-10, a ball and a white board or paper to track scores. 
   Directions - roll ball three times, add the pins with numbers standing at the end of the round, the person with the smallest score wins. For example: if you knock down all the pins you get 0 points. As far as scoring, it is similar to golf. 
   Differentiating - if that is too hard then play as a subtracting game from 10, great way to practice 10s buddies. If too easy then have the students multiply the numbers. 

Water balloons -
  Materials - water balloons, side walk chalk
  Directions - have students pick a multiple and write all of the multiples they can think of on a wall. The. The student takes a water balloon, selects any number and says a multiplication fact. 
 Differentiation - addition/ subtraction/ division facts can also be said depending on student level. 

Math twister - 
  Materials - math twister game from lakeshore or paper plates with numbers, dice numbers 0-6 and 7-12 operation dice + and - 
  Directions - students roll the dice and do the operation they rolled. Then teacher selects a hand/leg to place on mat. 
  Differentiation - you could also do this with multiplication and division. Also a variation of the game we did was a relay race, split into two teams and had them race between two mats for the answers.

Math for all seasons by Greg Tang
  Materials - Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang
  Directions - show students a picture in the book ask them to figure out a way to count all items without counting one-by-one. Share strategies, not answers, read suggested solution discuss if it was easier/harder and answer. 
One week down three to go! 
Next week fractions with third grade. Any good project ideas? Suggestions? Leave some in the comments!


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