Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where are you Christmas?

I had like three drafts throughout November, but between the Hurricane, life and Thanksgiving I just did not get around to finishing it.  So I cannot believe it is December! Now that progress reports are done, hopefully I can be on here a couple times a week!

So I wanted to share some things that I am doing with my students =)

With Third and Fourth grade, they created subtraction and multiplication stories using models, after they created their story we took a picture with the Ipads and shared them on the showme app. 

Here is an example of Multiplication:

Also, with my fourth and fifth grade groups we are working on prime, composite, factors, and multiples of a number in the EveryDay Math Calendar book in January there is an activity.  I have the students discuss the numbers, then we make them.  In fourth grade each student is making their own books to 20 and in fifth grade each student is making two numbers a day all together.

Example of Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade Wall:

We talk about factors using the Cuisenaire rods, which we then write the multiplication factors.  Also we can talk about what makes a prime number or composite number or square number.  Very visual for the students.   

The students match the multiplication equation to the appripriate cuisenaire rod, we did this through number 10.

In December my goals are to have fifth grade do a division story using the ipads and models.  Also, across grade levels we will create a Christmas math story which I think they will enjoy. 

What are some December activities you have planned? Any you do every year?

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