Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everyone hail to the Pumpkin Song!

Be prepared for a pretty massive update, there has been a lot going on and I am sorry my followers for the delay I have had some family emergencies.  This first post is about my goals and Ipad apps!

First I completed my goals for my three year Professional Development Plan, I needed two for each certification and one for the district so for me that was five goals.  Then they had to meet a certain criteria.  I wanted to share my summary of my goals for those of you who might be having trouble.
1) Assessment - research and implement assessment tools, my goal is for my students to keep track of their own progress.

2) Math Language - I have money for a library (see previous post) I just put in the order for the books so I am excited for those.  With this goal I wanted to focus on the language of math and creating a library for students to enjoy math in a whole new way.

3) RIT (Response to Intervention) - my groups are Intervention so using the assessment along with careful research and reflection I have to see what is working and not working for my students.

4) Strategies - I need to learn new strategies to teach so students have a better understanding of numbers instead of using their fingers.  I am going to do an intensive Cuisenaire Rod strategy with Grade Three and I will focus on Singapore math with grade 4.

5) Common Core - The reality is that everything is going to move to the common core for math soon and I need to know what is going on!

Second I wanted to post screen shots of the apps I use in my classroom! I am only going to highlight some of my and the students favorites.
 1) Math Party (free) - multi-player number sense game student have to tap the numbers in order
2) Math v. Zombies (free) - the zombies are math problems the students answer and fire at levels included are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
3) Ace Multiply (free) - timed multiplication grid students have to drag the answer to the correct spot.
1) Montessori Place Value (PlaceValue) (2.99) - I know I am about cheap and free but this app focuses on expanded form, place value and zeros in numbers which is awesome.
2) Splash Math Grade 3 (9.99) - Again I would not advertise if I thought it was totally worth your money!  I can differentiate almost all of the worksheets to 4th and 5th grade and students work towards fish to fill their aquarium.

Those with SmartPhone technology any favorite apps you like for your classroom?  Please share in the comments!
Next post: Self-created forms, lesson plans, and Parent night!

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