Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Title One MathNess

One HUGE pro of being a Title One Math teacher is that I can set my own schedule, but one con is that until I have my scores (hopefully by Friday of next week woot!) I cannot really "see" students so I have been observing/getting to know the kids with their classroom teachers.
Open house was awkward because I do not have "assigned" kids in my class I just walked around introduced myself to parents.  It was hard. 
However I come with some goodies:
First Entry in the Math Resource Book!  Taken from: Math-Charts

I made my own smart-pals.  I took page protectors that my dad had extra (6) Purchases duct tape $3.99 each and voila!
Comapre that to: Smart-Pals
Now imagne buying some cheap page protectors (they come in boxes of 100 at walmart) and now you get cool looking smart pals =)
ALSO expo markers wipe off BEAUTIFULLY and with little residue (had to see it myself)
Now for my, what I do in my spare time:
Finished this Times Square 1000 piece puzzle just before school started, I do not see myself completing any puzzles soon.

HILARIOUS gag present at a Newburyport Story.
I am trying to make worksheets like on teacherspayteachers, we will see how that goes.
How is everyone's start of the year coming along?

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