Sunday, August 5, 2012

The ways of the K!

I need to be super organized otherwise life gets messy so I wanted to share my Common Core binder that I put together.  This will be a resource that I will refer to throughout the year.  When I attend more Common Core meetings that information will go in this binder

Inside the binder is the Common Core flipbook I got for free from attending a workshop along with a Renkenrek I made at that workshop (I will be talking about how I made that later in the post)

The Tabs:

Common Core Information: Any powerpoints, printouts, etc that I receive from workshops.

Common Core Standards: I printed the Common Core Standards for Grade 3, 4, and 5
If you want them they are safe links that open as a PDF (take note these are for NH) 
If you want your state go to: Common Core Website:  
Also included in this tab are the GLEs that do not match to the state standards again for NH if you want your state you can search: "GLEs not matched to CCSS for (your state):
NH standards not matched to GLEs  the official word is that the mismatched GLEs will not be on NECAP tests!

Ten Frame Lessons: Most of these were given to me free, but of course I have great websites if you want ten frame lessons.
AIMS - lesson ideas $2 per lesson, they are alined to the new common core.
Illuminations - FREE =)

Assessment: The new assessment they are using is called Smarter Balanced Assessment and on their website you can download sample items.

Alright, the last thing I wanted to discuss is the Rekenrek:

If you go to their website they will try to sell you one for lots of money, but being teachers we like free or low cost, obviously, however they include FREE activities and ideas on how to use them:

This low cost Rekenrek was made with:

Index Card found at the dollar store! You can buy in packs of 100 or 200 and in different sizes
Pipe Cleaners from the dollar store, come in various colors and in packs of 45
The beads you can find at any craft store cheap also in various colors
So not only did you buy enough for your current students but probably enough for the following year as well, total investment: $7

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