Thursday, August 9, 2012

Target Sale!!

Fellow organizers, teachers, and anyone who likes to save money on awesome things. My amazing man mentioned the closetmaid brand and I have been on the market for the 9 cube Closetmaid Cubicals pictured below.  At the Nashua Target they are ON SALE in the store for $39.99!  On target online they are going for $51.99 :Original Price

Also the cubbies that come with it are usually: $8.99 were also discounted to $5.99 in store, I purchased three.

In all I spent around $60 for something that would have originally cost me over $80.  I love finding a great deal, even if it was a "splurge", I have no regrets about this, because either way I have a use for it. 

Once I decorate and put it in my classroom, more pictures to come, but in the mean time the sale ends 8/11/12.


  1. Awesome! This would be great in a classroom or at home! Wonderful bargain hunting!

    1. =) Thank you fellow bargainer!! Hehe