Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miss Kay's Room

No longer shall anyone refer to my room as "the dumping ground", I spent most of the week making sure everything got in place, since I am a "pull-in" room I did not want to go for a theme rather a friendly place where students feel safe.  Also I have a general "math" theme.

Remember what it looked like before? Well look what I created under all that mess! 

The chalkboard and bulletin board.  The math word wall words I got from my district's curriculum maps, print, glue on some contruction paper, and attach a magnet. The blue bulletin board will be used to change for every topic I have posters that go with each topic.
Now my recommendation for magnets are these:Stickels 
They are 2.99 for 100 but they are the ONLY thing that worked, I tried magnets from walmart, too heavy, packaging tape and they were all off the wall over night.  These are only a little indulgence to save you a world of aggrivation. The Teacher's Pet in Methuen, Mass also sells them.

Look at that beautiful bookcase I built! I am trying to find labels for my boxes.

The student area with the bookshelf and rotation game.
This red bulletin board will be for student work. 
Know of any math pun ideas for the title?
How are your rooms coming along?


  1. Your classroom looks fabulous!! Great job Christie!! :)

  2. Thank you Mindy! It was tons of work but so worth it!