Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miss Kay's Favorite Websites

One of the many perks to my job is that the grant I am hired under allows me a class set of IPad2 as well as a Macbook Pro.  I wanted to share some of the apps and websites that I use in the classroom.

1) Education.com

   There are many reasons why I love this website.  One is that ALL of the worksheets are free, it is a quick and easy registration to log in to the website.  The worksheets are colorful, interesting, and sorted by grade level, subject and even sorted further into which specific thing.  For example: 3rd grade, math, place value.

2) ixl.com

   Ixl is a place where students can go to practice their math skills, the website only allows you like 25 questions per day for free, so my way around it expecially with small groups is each group does 5 (or 10) depending on which group I do when.   Again this separates by subject and grade level, very user friendly.

3) mathplayground.com

  This website has many interactive manipulatives, flashcards, and games that will assist elementary students with their math skills (especially memorizing those pesky multiplication facts).  My favorite item on here are the math rods:  Cuisenaire Rods  I find that these work as a wonderful model for showing everything from arrays, factors, equivalent fractions, etc... I will go into more detail on Cuisenaire Rods in another blog post!

4) Math Games

  My students loved this website, this website has compiled all sorts of games about various topics in math.  However, only some of them do not work and some are weird, do some filtering.  I found that MOST of the games work and are relavent.

Now I want to talk about math apps, again most of these are free.

1) Splash Math Grade 3  this app is 9.99, there is a free lite version that restricts you to levels and lessons, but I found that I could differentiate this app across grade levels 2,3,4 and 5!  For example, there is a lesson on tenths, for a 5th grader we would talk about the decimal, percent, and fraction aspect of each problem. 

2) Math vs Zombies  my students LOVED this one, and it is FREE! There are different levels addition/subtraction and mutiplication/division the students become fluent at math facts before they know it!

3) Show Me  with moving to the common core and the need for student to explain their thinking, this interactive whiteboard has the student able to record their own voice while they do a math problem. FREE! 

4) Motion math zoom this is an interactive number line that the students can zoom in or out depending on the number, again it is Free!

5) Pizza Fraction  I use this app as an introduction to fractions and equivalent fractions.  Once the student answers the problem they shake the Ipad for a new question. Free!

6) Saved the best for last:  Math party  there is a free version of this you can get and all of my students loved the mutiplayer aspect of the app.  They would challenge me and by the end of the year, most were suitable to beat me!  This is great for number sense.  Highly recommended for any math classroom.

So what websites, apps, etc can you not live without in your classroom?  Or if you want more apps/websites because these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Leave me a comment =)

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