Thursday, August 2, 2012

First blog Post!

As my district moves into Common Core, I wanted this blog to be a place where I share some lesson plan ideas, classroom organization set ups, and just general math geekness that I come across.  Who doesn't love looking at pictures?

I am Miss K (shortened) my first name is Christie.  I have been a Title One Math teacher and am starting my second year in my district.  

The first thing I wanted to share is "Number of the Day", which is a concept I have seen done on teacherspayteachers and pintrest, however I used it every day last year and saw come great number sense accomplishments in my students.  I wanted to share the version of "Number of the Day" that I created (with some help of my fabulous assistant I had last year)

The new common core is all about modeling so I made sure so include that in my Number of the Day.  The students can model using 10-frames, base-10 block pictures, or singapore math method.  As I teach these I will add examples!

In the margin below the rounding, I will have students draw the number lines for rounding their numbers.  Again as I get examples I will post more pictures. 

This whole common core thing is going to be an insteresting transition, hopefully we will all get through it together.  Anything you would like to see?

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