Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do It Yourself!

One of the things I love as a teacher is making things that are low cost (isn't that why we are all on Pinterest? lol) Also, making manipulatives I know my students would enjoy using.  Today I wanted to share a manipulative I will use this year to teach number sense, ten plus a number, nine plus a number, numbers up to 30, multiplication, etc... 

Angry Birds:

The Littlest Pet Shop:

 Thirty 10-Frame Model:

One of the great aspects of these cookie sheets is that the students can write in expo marker below the 10-frames when making their equations, and presto, you got an interactive activity that can also make a quick assessment.

Below the Line cut is a step by step tutorial on how I made the 10-frames, but all I used were things from either walmart or the dollar store.

Cookie Sheets $1 each from Dollar tree (I got 5 of them)

Magnetic Buttons $5.97 for 50 from Walmart

The stickers were like $2 per pack of 100 they were in the clearance section and I had to cut the bodies off some of the pet shop animals so they would fit in the circle.

Total investment: $8.97

Below the cut, a step by step on how I created the 10-frame on the cookie sheet!

What is your favorite manipulative to use in the classroom?

1) You can use the magnets to hold a 10-frame model on the cookie sheet.

2) Trace carefully with a sharpie and carefully mark the spots where the the lines are.  Then you can use a ruler to connect the dots.

3) Slide the 10-frame down to make the center line.

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