Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day One of "The Dump"

So I arrived at my school this morning to do some preliminary work, moving schools I had no idea what to expect when I walked into my classroom.  Nor was I ready for what I saw...

This was what my classroom looked like from the door.  The custodians, who affectionatly call me "Lady K" said this was the dumping ground for unwanted desks, tables, etc, which proved obvious. 

This is the mess straight on... those few boxes are my stuff.

 Before I get to the after pictures, I wanted to explain that my room was once home to a second grade teacher, so I wanted to show you the very unique things I found while emptying the cupboards for my storage.

The Front

The Back  
Any one have any clue what this is?  I think it is some mini television perhaps? But I am not sure, I know it is old. 

This is an old school projector, like the one you put slides in, I should look these up and see if they have any value, seriously.

All of the cupboards looked like this:

Full of series of books, dictionaries, and stuff, lucky for me the school has a place where they store all that stuff so I moved it there.

Finally this is after all the moving, obviously it is not done, but any ideas on how to cover those back desks?  They are just there and I want my room to look welcoming.

Also, look what I built!  The start of the bookshelf I bought from my deal at target.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into that, mostly sweat.

How are your classrooms coming along?

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  1. That is totally a little TV. How crazy! Definitely old. I would be shocked if it even worked. My dad used to have one (not quite that old) that picked up channels with an antenna. I hope you're enjoying your new classroom though. I bet you'll have it looking beautiful in no time! :)